Tiffany Brookes Earns Pay Raise with Blowjob

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sexy brunette secretary Tiffany Brookes knows just how to handle the boss. Not one to allow paperwork and filing to stand in her way, the luscious babe shows off her lingerie underneath her office garb and heats her boss right up. Soon after that, she’s as naked as a pornstar and just as skilled too.

She shows that man she can suck cock with the best of them, giving him a blowjob he won’t soon forget. She’s an expert at fucking too, and when Tiffany Brookes climbs on and gives him the hardcore fucking of his dreams, that man knows that any pay raise he gives her will pale compared to the rise she gave him!

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Tiffany Brookes Getting Fucked at a Car Wash

Saturday, August 20, 2016

So we went to the car wash because Tiffany Brookes wanted her car washed. While we were there the girls spotted a target sitting by a table smoking a square and waiting for his ride. The girls got to talking and found out he lived close by. So we hitched a ride, but not before dragging along one more helpless victim. Some Mexican kid who was in charge of wiping down the cars. I dont know how this can happens when ever i go out with these girls, I always end up video taping these girls fucking complete strangers. Oh well thats my life.

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Tiffany Brookes Loves To Suck Cocks With Jessica Jaymes

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tiffany Brookes just adores her friendship with hot and sexy Jessica Jaymes. These two hot sluts get into so much action together, and they love every minute of it. Sometimes they track down a nice stud cock to add to the mix, and then they have a lot of fun playing tag with it. Sometimes they are also driving each other crazy along the way.

While Tiffany Brookes is sucking and licking that cock so hard, Jessica Jaymes might have her fingers deep in her friend’s cunt. Then when Jessica takes over licking the balls of their handsome victim, Tiffany might be stroking her friend’s clit to drive her really crazy. You just never know what these two might get up to next.

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Tiffany Brookes Enjoys Sensual Suck and Fuck

Friday, August 12, 2016

With her mouth tightly wrapped around her man’s dick, Tiffany Brookes bobs up and down. This sex kitten loves pleasing him and will do whatever it takes. This sensual encounter is mutually beneficial – her pussy getting wet just at the mere act of blowing her man. Of course, she wants more than just that though – she wants to feel him deep inside her!

She climbs atop him, legs straddling his body and she lowers herself onto him. His hard cock slides right between those pussy lips. The two work together, thrusting, rocking, – their bodies constantly in motion. You can tell Tiffany Brookes fucking is a beautiful thing. This chick is aching to cum all over this dick. Of course, that sweet little cunt gets a cum coating as well.

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Tiffany Brookes Dazzles in Silver Bikini

Sunday, August 7, 2016

When you first got the invitation to her house, you thought that Tiffany Brookes had mixed you up with someone else. But no, the stunning brunette babe assured you that she wanted you to come over for some drinks and when you got there, you saw her dressed up in a silver bikini, strutting her slender beauty before you, you realize that you might just get lucky today.

Tiffany Brookes is one of those women you’ve dreamed about boning, but never really thought you’d get the chance. Yet, here she is, pinching her nipples for you as she strips her clothes off. Then Tiffany Brookes does the horniest thing of all when she spreads her legs and cunt lips and asks you to fuck her hard and deep and long, until she screams and squirts all over you. Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

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Tiffany Brookes Loves Cock

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

When you see Tiffany Brookes handle some cock, you know you are looking at a real expert. This dark haired exotic beauty loves her flamboyant outfit and make up. She especially loves her crotchless tights, allowing that delicious cock easy access to her wet little cunt.

It turns Tiffany Brookes off so much to lick and suck cock, so she’s really drenched right now. She needs some deep, hard, penetrating fucking in the best ways possible, until she cums again and again, wetting that throbbing man meat down with her juices just so she can lick and suck them all off. Yummy!

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Tiffany Brookes Loves Taking Cock

Saturday, July 30, 2016

That raven haired harlot Tiffany Brookes had such a wonderful time out with her man that she wants to show him a big thankful. Once they’re back home she’s aching to slip out of her dress and onto his cock. This babe undoes his pants and immediately wraps her lips around his dick. Such a tasty dessert for this cock craving queen.

Things are all in a furry now – him dropping his pants as fast as he can, her letting her dress fall to the floor and finally Tiffany pushing him into the chair. This babe isn’t wasting any more time. She climbs into her lap and sliding right onto his cock. The first thrust into her cunt makes Tiffany exclaim in delight and every one after that just pushes her closer and closer to cumming.

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Tiffany Brookes is Sexy Siren in Red

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The always gorgeous Tiffany Brookes is ready for some serious fun before bed. THis babe is down to her little red bra and panties, showing off that sexy body of hers. The lingerie isn’t going to last long at all, which is definitely good news for you!

Her small natural breasts look incredible out of her bra. So creamy looking with those perky pink nubs of nipples. As her hands run along her chest, you can’t help but get that twinge of jealousy, wishing it was you touching her. Next to go are those panties, her pussy peeking from between her legs. Her fingers run along her cunt lips, teasing herself before she spreads herself wide open for you.

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Tiffany Brookes and Taylor Wane Love Cock

Friday, July 22, 2016

When two girls get together, they are often just looking to spend some quality pussy-licking time. But when Tiffany Brookes and Taylor Wane get together, sometimes they just want to tag team all over a nice, hard, lucky cock. Such is the case now. They suck and they lick and they enjoy watching each other do it.

All that hot ramrod action going on in their mouths is such a turn-on, they can’t stop. At times, the two greedy cock-hungry bitches are almost willing to fight over having that hard piece of man-meat in their mouths. The lucky stud they are licking and sucking has no complaints, though.

The two women can use their mouths on him until he blasts his spunk all over their sweet faces. That’s the ultimate goal. That’s the prize.

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Tiffany Brookes is Burning Up in Black

Monday, July 18, 2016

A woman this hot is a pleasure to look at and Tiffany Brookes knows that this outfit plays up all her assets in just the right way, showing off her gorgeous body in style. When she shows off her tits for you, she’s already so turned on that her nipples are hard and hungry for the attention of a nice pair of lips or pinching fingers.

She pulls aside her pink panties and shows off her hungry cooze, needing to be filled by a very large hard item, preferable throbbing and ready for action. While she’s waiting, she can’t resist the urge to stroke her clit for a while, giving herself one delicious climax after another. That’s the way to show off a body.

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Tiffany Brookes Needs Some After Work Fun

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tiffany Brookes just got home from her day job at the office. It’s been a frustrating day and she wastes no time peeling out of her clothes so she’s just in her underwear. But soon, even those clothes are stifling and she makes short work of them, until she’s sitting back on the sofa all tanned and naked except for her heels and earrings.

She’s got her trusty dalmatian spotted vibrator friend in hand and she’s ready for release. She sucks on it for a moment to get it nice and wet and then bends over and slides it into her hungry pussy. Soon she wants to relax though, so she lays back and fucks herself with her vibrator, enjoying the feel of the vibration against the walls of her cunt, while she strokes her clit to fulfillment.

This is the only way to end a long day at work!

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Tiffany Brookes Has a Way With Cock

Saturday, July 9, 2016

When Tiffany Brookes is feeling hungry, sometimes nothing quite satisfies like the feeling of a nice hard cock in her mouth. She licks around the tip and slides her lips down the shaft as far as she can go, enjoying the moans as she drives the man crazy with pleasure.

She likes to tease him until he’s so hot and ready for fucking that he takes charge and drives that hardness deep inside her pussy, so wet with her excitement. She especially loves it doggy style since it gets in so deep that way. When he’s wanting to rest, she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, loving the way it puts her in charge of the action.

Then she lays back with him deep inside her and strokes her clit until she’s cumming all over his cock, just in time for him to pull out and spread his hot spunk all over her pussy. So delicious!

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Tiffany Brookes Having Solo Fun

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tiffany Brookes is looking particularly wonderful in her purple printed bikini, but she’s feeling the need for some self pleasuring. She’s got a few minutes alone before she heads to the beach with friends – just enough time for a quick orgasm or two. Quickly she takes her top off, revealing her lovely breasts just made for caressing.

It’s her pussy that’s really craving attention right now, though, and she quickly runs her hand down to it, feeling it pulse with desire. She slides her bottoms off and enjoys posing for a moment. It turns her on even more when she feels sexy. Then she relaxes back, spreads her legs, and begins caressing her public mound, feeling her clit engorge as her desire grows.

Finally, she strokes her pussy into one mind-blowing orgasm after another, finishing just in time for her friends to show up. It’s already a great day!

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Tiffany Brookes Shares Dick Sucking With Taylor Wane

Friday, July 1, 2016

This is a cock that’s too big for just one whore. Tiffany Brookes invited over her fellow slut, Taylor Wane. Between the two of them, they were pretty convinced they could take this cock. It was a challenge that they were both up for. They were already a couple of nymphos always on the look out for thick dick to choke on to begin with.

The trouble with two whores that think they’re the best at deepthroating is that they constantly try and out do one another. These babes make it a sport. Their pink panted lips take turns being wrapped around the head of this cock. Both of them eager to be crowned the throat fucking queen.

Looks as though there isn’t any one winner – both of these sluts got exactly what they were after. These cum guzzlers were covered in a huge load. The spunk just dripping off of their gorgeous faces.

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Tiffany Brookes in Her First Ever BBG Threeway!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The time has finally come that Tiffany Brookes has succumbed to her whorish ways and done one hot threeway scene. Not just any threeway though – no, this is Tiffany’s very first time being the meat for two thick dicked studs.

That heavenly mouth of hers gets the fella’s all lubed up. She works those hands just as hard as she works her mouth. Tiffany knows that she’s gotta please both dicks and she’s definitely up for the challenge.

These tattooed guys know just how to give it to this brunette slut. While one’s plowing into her swollen cunt, the other is finding out just how good her throat fucking skills are. They’ve got the bitched spit-roasted and don’t stop until they’re ready to blow their loads all over her beautiful painted face.

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Tiffany Brookes Sucks a Fella Dry

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Check out those beautiful big brown eyes of Tiffany Brookes. They’re staring up at you while she’s giving one helluva blowjob. There’s nothing this raven haired beauty loves to do more than suck a guy off. She wants to make sure that his cock is rock solid before he even thinks about fucking her.

Once that dick is ready, Tiffany spreads her legs to let that monster inside her. her cum cavern is already wet and juicy, ready to receive. Her beautiful tanned body is throw around in all kinds of positions as she’s fucked.

That tight cunt of hers does it’s best to take in the entire dick. Her pussy lips stretch around him, wanting to take him in further. Once he’s had all he can take, this pornstar pulls out and has Tiffany get on her knees while he blows a massive load all over her face.

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Tiffany Brookes Loves to Celebrate With Cock

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tiffany Brookes and Ashlynn Leigh love any excuse to get wild. Saint Patrick’s day is the perfect excuse for these two to run rampant. They just need to slip out of their green garments and find the right cocks to dance a jig on. Everyone is going to be feeling very lucky when Ashlynn and Tiffany show up thirsty for that dick.

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Tiffany Brookes Strips at Office For Hot Sex on the Job

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sexy office worker Tiffany Brookes is completely professional until her break, but then she’s ready to be naked. She bares her boobies and pulls out a toy, but that’s just for a warm up.

This luscious brunette babe craves cock and her lover gives her the best he’s got, stuffing her tight pussy just the way she likes it. Tiffany Brookes cums hard, making his cock wet with her juices, and she gets a face full of spunk before going back to work!

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Tiffany Brookes will Fuck You to the Fullest

Friday, June 10, 2016

We love point of view galleries that really bring the viewer into the XXX action and by the looks of things, Tiffany Brookes loves acting out the fantasy.

See as this slender sex star squats down in your lap and eye fucks the camera while bobbing down on your big cock with her wet mouth. She then switches positions and spreads her pussy so that you can fuck that hot little hole hard.

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Tiffany Brookes Sucks Huge Cock On Her Knees

Monday, June 6, 2016

Lusty brunette Tiffany Brookes feels so dirty when she sucks a big dick in the bathroom. Her hungry pussy starts dripping with desire and the more she sucks that dick, the more she wants to fuck it too.

This horny babe is happy to spread her legs, feeling her tight hole stuffed full – hard and deep. Tiffany Brookes is exotic, erotic, and anxious to cum all over that hard throbbing cock until he fills her mouth with warm spunk!

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